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Trade Show

Trade Show

Date Region City Show Title Booth Products
Oct.14, 2014- Oct.18, 2014 Germany Friedrichshafen TBA IM,LJ-V,LS-9000,TM-3000
Oct.06, 2014- Oct.09, 2014 Germany Stuttgart TBA CV-X100,EX-V,FS-N,GL-R,IG,IL,IV,LJ-V,LR-Z,LS-9000,MD-F3100/5100,SJ-H,SR-D100,TM-3000,VHX-2000,VW-9000,XG-8000
Sep.30, 2014- Oct.02, 2014 United Kingdom Birmingham TBA CV-X100,IM,LJ-G,LS-9000
Sep.23, 2014- Sep.26, 2014 France Besancon TBA CV-X100,IM,VHX-2000...
Sep.16, 2014- Sep.20, 2014 Germany Stuttgart TBA IM,LJ-V,LS-9000,MD-F3100/5100,TM-3000,VHX-2000
Jun.24, 2014- Jun.26, 2014 Germany Stuttgart Hall:4, Booth:B39 MD-F3100/5100,MD-V9900A,ML-Z9500
Jun.03, 2014- Jun.06, 2014 Germany Munchen TBA FS-N,GL-R,GT,HR-100,IG,IL,IV,LJ-V,PZ,SJ-H,SR-D100,TM-3000,VHX-2000,VW-9000
Jun.03, 2014- Jun.05, 2014 Germany Pforzheim TBA IM,LJ-V,LS-9000,TM-3000
May.20, 2014- May.22, 2014 Germany Frankfurt am Main Hall:3, Booth:H48 IM,LJ-V,LS-9000,TM-3000,VHX-2000
May.20, 2014- May.22, 2014 Italia Parma Booth:F008
May.06, 2014- May.09, 2014 Germany Stuttgart Hall:1 Booth:1520 CV-X100,IM,LJ-V,TM-3000,VHX-2000,VK-X100/X200,VW-9000,XG-8000
Apr.16, 2014- Apr.17, 2014 Italia Torino D2
Apr.07, 2014- Apr.11, 2014 United Kingdom Birmingham 5761 IM
Apr.07, 2014- Apr.11, 2014 Germany Dusseldorf Hall:16 Booth:16F34 IM,LJ-V,LS-9000,TM-3000
Mar.31, 2014- Apr.04, 2014 France Paris TBA CV-X100,IM,LJ-V,VHX-2000,XG-8000...
Apr.01, 2014- Apr.04, 2014 Germany Munchen TBA BZ-9000,VHX-2000,VK-X100/X200,VW-9000
Date Region City Show Title Booth Products
Sep.08, 2014- Sep.13, 2014 United States Chicago, IL TBA CV-X100,IM,LJ-V,MD-F3100/5100,MD-V9900A,VHX-2000,VK-X100/X200,XG-8000
Jul.08, 2014- Jul.10, 2014 United States San Francisco, CA TBA VHX-2000,VK-X100/X200
Jun.03, 2014- Jun.04, 2014 United States Seattle, WA TBA VHX-2000,VK-X100/X200
Asia Pacific
Date Region City Show Title Booth Products
Sep.03, 2014- Sep.05, 2014 Taiwan Taipei TBA CV-X100,FD-M,KV-5500 CPU,KV-5000 CPU,KV-3000 CPU,KV Nano,MD-T1000,SI-F,SJ-E,SR-D100,VHX-2000,VK-X100/X200
Aug.27, 2014- Aug.30, 2014 Taiwan Taipei TBA CV-X100,FS-N,IM,KV-5500 CPU,KV-5000 CPU,KV-3000 CPU,KV Nano,MD-T1000,SJ-E,SR-650
Jun.19, 2014- Jun.22, 2014 Thailand Bangkok TBA IM,VK-X100/X200
Apr.14, 2014- Apr.15, 2014 Taiwan Kaohsiung D2310 IM,VHX-2000

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