High-Accuracy Digital Contact Sensor

GT2 series


The Scale Shot System in the GT2 Series improves upon the technology of conventional contact sensors and is now concentrated into a pencil-type sensor head.

    • Display resolution 0.1 μm
    • Accuracy 1 μm
    • NEMA Type 13/IP67G
    • 100 million cycles detecting durability *GT2-P12K(F)/P12(F)
    • 5 heads can connect to 1 amplifier unit

Case Studies

  • The Problem: During assembly, if the diaphragm is not seated in the right place, the two halves will not seal properly creating a defective product. One half with a smaller diameter fits inside a larger one with the gasket acting as a cushion in between. During seating, a diaphragm can become “pinched” during the process sometimes creating tears and/or not allowing for the necessary tight seal required by the part.

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