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Inductive Displacement Sensors

Series Lineup

5 series listed below (including DISCONTINUED)

Discontinued Series:

EX-V series - High-speed, High-Accuracy

High-speed, high-accuracy, digital inductive displacement sensors with sub-micron resolution and an ultra-fast 40,000 samples/sec. sampling rate.

EX-500 series - Inductive Gauging Sensor

High accuracy inductive gauging sensor with a resolution of 0.03% of F.S with 0-5V or 4-20mA analogue outputs for connecting to external equipment.

EX-200 series - Inductive Gauging Sensor

The EX-200 Series offers a response frequency of up to 18 kHz (with the EX-305), allowing measurement of rapidly vibrating targets.

AS series - Inductive Gauging Sensor

Eddy Current Displacement Sensor with heat resistance of up to 200℃

EG series - High-accuracy Positioning Sensor

Positioning Sensor detecting slight position misalignment with high accuracy

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