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Digital Microscopes

VHX-5000 Series

Series Lineup

7 series listed below (including DISCONTINUED)

Discontinued Series:

Digital Microscopes

VHX-5000 series - Digital Microscope

The VHX is an all-in-one microscope that incorporates observation, image capture, and measurement capabilities. Any user, regardless of their experience, can now obtain high-quality, fully-focused images in an instant.

VHX-700F series - Digital Microscope

All the functions you need have been loaded into the compact VHX-700F. You can perform observation, recording, and measurement with this single instrument.

Discontinued Series

VHX-2000 series - Digital Microscope

With a depth-of-field and resolution that are unmatched by conventional optical microscopes, users can take imaging to a whole new level.

Lenses (for Digital Microscopes)

VH lens Series - Lenses (for Digital Microscope)

The lens unit is comprised of 24 lenses in total, including 13 lenses for the objective section, and 11 lenses for the zoom section. Using a silica lens, the VHX series can correct chromatic aberration.

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