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Positioning Sensors

IA Series

IB Series

IG Series

IL Series

GT2 Series

GV Series

Series Lineup

12 series listed below (including DISCONTINUED)

Discontinued Series:

Contact Positioning Sensors

GT2 series - High-Accuracy Digital Contact Sensor

New GT2 series that provides higher precision while maintaining its no error feature

GT series - General Purpose Digital Contact Sensor

Tough and rugged general purpose digital contact sensor with push button calibration.

Reflective Positioning Sensors

GV series - Digital CMOS Laser Sensor

The NEW GV Series Digital CMOS Laser Sensor provides unmatched performance, even on metal and black (rubber) targets. Multiple models available to meet all your laser sensing needs.

IA series - CMOS Analog Laser Sensor

Tough, Reliable, Repeatable Laser Measurement Simplified. Keyence brings you an economical analogue laser sensor.

IL series - CMOS Multi-Function Analog Laser Sensor

Introducing a new high-performance head for the IL Series Stable performance for the most demanding detection

PT series - Optical Displacement Sensors

Compact, general-purpose LED optical displacement sensors

LB series - Laser Displacement Sensors

Laser Displacement Sensor to be easily introduced

Discontinued Series

LG series - Laser gauge

Replaced by IL series

Small, General-purpose Laser Displacement Checker

Thrubeam positioning sensors

IG series - Multi-Purpose CCD Laser Micrometer

The intelligent I-Series consists of a high-accuracy sensor lineup that offers high cost-performance with the most advanced functions for on-site operations.

IB series - Laser Thrubeam Sensor

The intelligent I-Series consists of a high-accuracy sensor lineup that realises low-cost high performance with only the most advanced functions for on-site operations.

GV-T series - Multi-Purpose CCD Laser Micrometer

CCD Laser Micrometer

Discontinued Series

LX2 series - Digital Display Compact Laser Thrubeam Sensor

Replaced by IG series

A low cost laser thrubeam sensor, which uses a parallel laser beam with a 5-┬Ám resolution at distances of up to 300mm.

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