Digital Fibre Optic Sensors

FS-N series (FS-neo)

  • CE Marking
  • UL Listing(c/us)

1. Complete Setup in Just One Click

An entirely new concept in setup ease. Just one click calibrates the sensitivity and resets the display.

Complete Setup in Just One Click

2. Automatic Maintenance

The automatic maintenance function detects light intensity reduction due to dirt or misalignment, and returns the sensor to its original display state.

Automatic Maintenance

3. World’s Highest Power Reduces Maintenance Time

"High power" = "large excess gain" that not only reduces the need for maintenance but also expands sensor head capabilities.

World’s Highest Power Reduces Maintenance Time

Download Catalogue FS-N Series Digital Fibre Optic Sensors Catalogue (English)


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Download Catalogue FS-N Series Digital Fibre Optic Sensors Catalogue (English)

Case Studies

  • The Problem: Each medical cartridge in the nest must contain only one bead of blood. What was happening is the cartridge would get by with no bead in it or more than one. All of these beads are forced down a tube by air.


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