SJ-F100 series

High-speed, High-precision Compact Static Elimination Blower


Wide coverage with a thin,space-saving design.Class-beat, wide-area static elimination.

    • Wide coverage with a thin,space-saving design [ Best in class ]
    • High speed,high-precision ± 5 V static elimination [ Best in class ]
    • Multifunctional controller [ SJ-F100W ] [ Industry first ]
    • Super-thin, compact design for installation freedom

    • Used in a wide range of industries. Keyence has a Super compact static elimination blower to meet any application need.


  • SJ-F2000/5000 series - High-speed, High precision, Wide Static Elimination Blower

    Reducing electrostatic problems by eliminating static in the entire environment including manufactured goods, the human body and surrounding components.

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