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Proven Vision Techniques for Improved Inspections
Our in-house vision experts created a guide that can help you to stabilise detections and improve site efficiency:
·Removing diffuse reflections (glare)
·Detecting a specific wavelength range
·Emphasising contrast differences using various coloured filters
How to Utilise Digital Microscopes in the Automotive Industry
Do you know how digital microscopes can be employed in the automotive industry? They can improve quality inspection and research processes by enabling handheld observation, non-destructive testing and easy data sharing. Hints for applications including:
·Engine parts
·Vehicle body
·Electronic parts and more
Traceability Engineering Guide: Metal Marking Edition
This helpful guide is perfect for anyone looking to learn more about traceability and efficient ways of implementing it. Find out about the importance of 2D and 3D codes and the know-how required to perform high quality marking and instant code verification.
Revolutionise Dimensional Measurement with this Trick
If you perform dimensional measurements but you would like to find a quicker and more efficient way to conduct these measurements, check out the IM Series Instant Measurement device. It is capable of taking measurements in seconds, generate inspection reports in the background and any user can easily operate it without experience.
Want to Know what Triggered your Safety Laser Scanner?
Do you know what the cause was the last time your safety scanner false triggered? Learn more about how our system is capable of visualising the detection zone with a built-in camera, analyse the causes of false triggers and improve site efficiency by minimising unnecessary downtime.
Optimise your Vision Sensor for Stable Checks
Browse through our handy tips about vision sensors to get the most out of your visual checks:
·Digital zoom function captures smaller targets without having to mount the sensor head closer
·Eraser tool helps to eliminate unnecessary outlines for inspection
·Polariser filter removes glare for clear images
Code Reader Kaizen Guide for the Automotive Industry
We have compiled a number of helpful automotive code reading applications. Obtain greater efficiency and labour savings on your manufacturing site with the help of our top tips.
Learn More about Laser Displacement Sensor Applications!
Learn about the advantages of laser displacement sensors for dispenser coating process applications:
·Perform inline, 100% inspections
·Check the height, width, and volume of adhesives
·Improving inspection cycle time and quality
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