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Compact Vison Sensor with OCR Functionality
The new OCR function of the versatile IV Vision Sensor makes it possible to solve a whole new set of visual checks for traceability of serial numbers, lot numbers, manufacturing numbers and expiration dates. Setup is quick and simple - just outline the text you want to detect to complete calibration.
Innovative Instant Metrology!
If you would like to simplify and streamline your dimensional measurements, why not try out the IM Instant Measurement Series! Download this brochure to find out how to perform measurements in seconds with a simple 'Place & Press' operation.
5 Minute Guide to Master Traceability
Our in-house experts put the following guide together to give an insight into traceability for engineers:
·Marking solutions
·Reading of marked codes
·Basics of traceability networking
Engineer's Guide: How to Fully Utilise Vision Systems
Learn how to master image processing from our engineering guide:
·Stabilise inspections with large fluctuations in light intensity
·Eliminate glare and other surface condition variations
·Detect only foreign particles with no influence from target shape
Utilising Code Readers across Different Industries
Read our handy guide to learn about how camera-based, laser CCD type and hand-held code readers are utilised across various industries:
·Automotive & Automotive Parts Industry
·Electrical & Electronic Device Industry
·Food, Pharmaceutical & Cosmetics Industries
What Inspections can Laser Displacement Sensors Perform?
Our guide will help you to learn about the advantages of laser displacement sensors and their typical applications:
·Enable in-line 100% inspections
·Calculate height and width using profile data to measure adhesives
·improve inspection cycle and quality
Cutting-Edge Microscope Techniques for R&D and Inspections
Discover how digital microscopy can transform your magnified observations whether it is for research or inspections:
·Free-angle observation and XYZ motorised stage for hard-to-see targets
·High Dynamic Range function for observation of ultra-fine structures
·Instant, fully-focused imaging eliminating manual adjustments
Reliability and Productivity in One: Discover our Safety Laser Scanner
The SZ-V Laser Safety Scanner sets a new standard with a host of value-added features:
·Built-in camera for real-time video monitoring of defection area status
·PROFINET/PROFIsafe networking support
·Detachable display unit for safe operation
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Traceability Engineering Guide: Metal Marking Edition
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Want to Know what Triggered your Safety Laser Scanner?
Optimise your Vision Sensor for Stable Checks
Code Reader Kaizen Guide for the Automotive Industry
Learn More about Laser Displacement Sensor Applications!
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