The Newest Solutions, Resources and Offers from KEYENCE
Machine Vision Built on Customer Feedback
Our vision system has been updated with new, easy-to-use functions based on real customer feedback:
·Easily adjustable setup for new production lines
·Machine learning to detect NG parts correctly and reduce waste
·Wide selection of inspection tools eliminating the need for complicated programming
[Limiting Line Trouble] Suggestions for Reducing Production Control Costs
KEYENCE's latest collection of examples is designed to help reduce production line trouble, sensor malfunctions, and component replacement work.
Take advantage of stable detection with KEYENCE's highly durable laser sensors to improve on-site performance and reduce costs.
Master Your Digital Microscopy Knowledge with these Tricks!
This guide presents interesting digital microscopy techniques for everyone, covering the basics all the way up to advanced functions including:
·Digital imaging and depth composition
·Lighting techniques
·Zoom lens types and mechanisms
Dimension Measurement of up to 100 Simultaneous Targets
The Image Measurement System IM Series is capable of capturing 2.5D measurements instantly at the press of a button - even on 100 targets at once! Download our brochure to find out how!
KAIZEN Code Reader Guide for Food, Pharma & Cosmetics
Browse through our code reader kaizen guide offering hints for better efficiency, reduced costs and labour:
·Wide field-of-view for reading multiple products with no changeover
·Code verification function for improved quality of scanned items
·Automatic, built-in polarisation to remove glare
Is your Laser Marker Safety up to Standards?
This guide details up to date information and guidance about laser safety standards and examples of building safety systems. It is a must-read for any laser marker user or anybody responsible for site safety.
Why are Non-Contact Measurement Systems Gaining Popularity?
Discover the benefits of non-contact measurement over conventional hand calipers and micrometers, including:
·100% inspection and eliminated operator error
·Reduced inspection cycle time
·Non-destructive measurement and consistent measurement results of soft workpieces
Durable Light Curtain with Smart Settings
The GL-R Series Safety Light Curtain delivers a highly reliable and durable solution for all manufacturing sites. It is equipped with smart features like eliminated dead zone at the top and bottom, narrow and recessed lens surface to protect against damage and simplified wiring to match any safety requirements.
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Case Study: Instant Metrology and Automated Reporting
How Can Different Industries Benefit from 3D Analysis?
How to Use 2D Code Marking for Traceability
Advanced Safety Light Curtain: Strong, Simple & Smart
All-in-One Sensor to Solve a Myriad of Applications
Machine Vision: Engineer's Know-how Vol. 5
What Applications can Barcode Readers Solve Across Industries?
Why are Engineers Switching to Non-Contact Measurement Systems?
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