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Reduce Labour Costs with Automated Optical Inspection
Browse through this guide for tips to reduce labour cost of inspections using our Image Measurement System. It allows even less experienced users to complete inspections and perform dimensional measurements in seconds with real time results on-screen.
Utilising Microscopes for Automotive Inspections
This guide introduces innovative microscope techniques that are particularly helpful for automotive inspections. Look through various application examples and learn how handheld observation mode, 2D and 3D wide area image stitching and 360 degree inspection can benefit your own processes.
Detect Any Change in Appearance with this Durable Sensor
The LR-ZH Laser Sensor detects based on both distance and intensity, meaning dark, metal or even transparent targets can be stably and easily detected up to 500mm. The IP 68 & IP69K enclosure ratings ensure durability and detection in rough environments and the highly visible indicator makes troubleshooting easy.
What's the Best Way to Mark Metal Surfaces?
Read through our guide to learn about the best solutions for metal processing applications:
·Different marking types and metal processing examples
·How to achieve different finishes
·Marking quality comparison test samples
Vision System with All-In-One Lighting
Easily find hidden defects and perform complicated visual inspections with the easy-to-use CV-X Vision System. It incorporates versatile lighting solutions with high-performance cameras helping you to solve challenging applications even with low contrast, noise and glare at present.
Blue Laser Profiler for 2D/3D Measurements
Have you thought of using a blue laser profiler for 2D and 3D measurements? The unique blue laser beam of the LJV Series is more stable and sharper than a conventional red light laser therefore performs profile measurements with outstanding accuracy. Download our brochure to see how it can help your applications!
One Versatile Sensor to Solve a Myriad of Applications
Browse through our helpful guide to find out how to solve presence/absence, colour and shape checks as well as basic measurements with a single sensor. Setup can be completed in less than 1 minute and mounting is made easy thanks to its compact size.
Everything you need to know about 2D Codes
This guide is a must-read for anyone who works with codes and wants to know about the background, types and different applications of:
·2D Codes
·QR Codes
·Data Matrix Codes
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