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Unique Microscope Functions for Difficult Applications
Browse through our guide to find how you can solve difficult microscope applications with the help of some of these unique functions:
·Handheld observation for large samples that don't fit on the stage
·Automated particle analysis, calculating and measuring particle size
·Fully focused imaging and 3D surface analysis
Machine Vision Lighting for the Toughest Applications
Have you ever had problems with failed inspections due to gloss, varying target positions or ambient lighting? To solve these difficult vision imaging issues, KEYENCE has developed the LumiTrax™ lighting system allowing stable, high-speed detection unaffected by colour, pattern, noise or gloss.
Dimensional Measurements of High Mix Production Made Easy!
The IM Series Measurement System has the ability to automatically record dimensional measurements of any parts thrown on the stage and it is also capable of recognising different parts once the measurements are saved. This not only reduces measurement times to seconds, but also enables easy operation for any users.
Laser Markers with Unique Multi-functional Camera
The MD-X Series Hybrid Laser Markers incorporate a built-in camera aiding the measurement distance to the target, the display of the marking target, the inspection of marked characters and the reading of marked codes. Browse through our guide for a whole new range of applications enabled by this function.
Code Reader with Easy Configuration
The SR-G Code Reader is not only capable of unprecedented high-speed reading, but the optimal settings can also be easily configured without using a PC. The wireless communication ensures smooth operation and eliminates problems such as interference and broken cables.
Coaxial Laser Displacement Sensor for Any Space and Surface
The new CL-3000 Series features a line-up of ultra-compact sensor heads enabling installation in tight spaces and difficult in-line applications. It also provides highly stable and accurate measurements even on curved, uneven and rough surfaces, without being influenced by heat or electrical noise.
Do-it-All Durable Laser Sensor
The LR-Z Series go beyond the stereotypes of reflective sensors: it is capable of stably detecting on uneven, dark, metal, shiny or even rough surfaces over 500 mm. Its stainless steel housing offers a reliable solution in areas of heavy dust build up and wash down.
Solved Measurement Applications for Automotive Industry
Look through our guide for the latest measurement applications in the automotive industry that are solved by the IL Series Measurement Sensor. Some examples include:
·Height measurement (detecting welding seams)
·Swing and position (tyre runout and robot arm)
·Thickness and flatness (gasket thickness and liner insertion checks)
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