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KAIZEN Code Reader Guide for Food, Pharma & Cosmetics
Browse through our code reader kaizen guide offering hints for better efficiency, reduced costs and labour:
·Wide field-of-view for reading multiple product codes with no changeover
·Code verification function for improved quality of scanned items
·Automatic, built-in polarisation to remove glare
Making Traceability Easy
This guide contains the know-how you need to introduce traceability on your production line with the help of:
·Laser Marking
·Barcode Reading
·Networking basics
[New Product] Now Available: VHX-7000 4K Microscope
This is the long-awaited release of a new product in the VHX Series, which has been used by 20,000 companies around the world so far. This is the world's first 4K ultra-high accuracy microscope with impressive imaging and measurement functions. Please read this guide for more information.
A New Wide Stage Is Now Available for the IM Series!
A wide stage with a maximum size of
300 mm × 200 mm is now available for the IM Series, allowing fast, accurate dimensional measurement at the push of a button on both large targets or batches of multiple parts.
[Must-Read] Learnings from Automotive Industry Inspections
How are automotive companies using inspection systems to support the introduction of new electronic advances in the safety, communication and environmental technologies of vehicles? Learn more with this must-read guide!
The Most Robust Contact Sensor in the World
KEYENCE has released a high-accuracy contact sensor that can perform over 200 million measurements, even in oily environments: surprisingly powerful with an ultra-compact body and diameter of only 8mm.
Getting the Most from Vision Systems!
Do you find that vision systems can be difficult to use? We have equipped our product with specific functions based on customer feedback! This has led directly to more stable operation and reductions in the time and effort required when using this vision system.
Durable Light Curtain with Outstanding Reliability
The GL-R Series Light Curtain is designed with a recessed lens surface, securely protecting the device from any physical impact on the shop floor. It is watertight and dirt resistant ensuring flawless operation and durability even in harsh manufacturing environments and has an improved, simplified setup for ease of use.
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Electric Vehicle Inspection Guide
Improving Magnified Observations and Analyses
Measure up to 99 Dimensions in Seconds!
Perform Rapid Automotive Visual Checks
Making Traceability Easy
Transform your Manufacturing Site with Vision Systems!
Kaizen Guide to Code Reading
Reduce the Diagnosis Time of Machine Stoppages
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