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Instant Measurements in Seconds with our System!
Discover a new way to record dimensional measurements: the IM Series Image Measurement System can perform dimensional checks in seconds with a push of a button down to 1 micron accuracy, drastically reducing inspection time.
Mark with Outstanding Quality on Metal Surfaces
Get advice on how to improve your marking quality on metal surfaces. Using practical examples, we explain the principles of laser wavelengths and material absorption rates, and illustrate how they combine to influence mark quality.
Kaizen Code Reader Guide for Electronics
Learn how Code Readers can be deployed to improve Electronics Production processes. Wide field of view and glare reduction features allow stable reading of multiple codes across a larger area, helping to reduce costs and takt time.
Read our Top Digital Microscope Tips
Browse our magnified observation techniques from the basics all the way to advanced functions including advanced lighting techniques, digital imaging and depth composition and zoom lens types and mechanisms.
High Precision Measurement on Any Material of Surface
The CL-3000 Series Displacement Sensor uses a multi-colour confocal light source, which helps to measure stably on any material and surface. High-accuracy measurements are possible across transparent, mirrored or uneven surfaces.
One 'Do-It-All' Detection Sensor for Any Application
The IP68 & IP69K rated LR-Z Laser Sensor detects surfaces based on both distance and intensity, ensuring that transparent, dark and high-gloss metallic targets can be stably detected with ease from up to 500 mm away.
OCR Inspections Made Easy
Enhance quality with improved data management and traceability using Vision Systems. Learn how KEYENCE technology can enable simultaneous checks of codes and OCR characters with simple, user-friendly setup.
What are the Advantages of High-Accuracy Contact Sensors?
What is a Contact Displacement Sensor? What are the key differences to other measurement devices? Learn this and more with our free technical brief for engineers.
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Superior Marking on Metal Surfaces
Stabilise Measurement of Welded Parts
Maximise Output with Our Automated Shadowgraph
Durable Light Curtain with Outstanding Reliability
Eliminate Lighting Setting Concerns for Image Processing
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