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[New!] Measure Any Parts with the IM-7500 Instant Measurement System
The newly released IM-7500 Measurement System is equipped with a new software update enabling users to measure multiple different parts, without having to manually switch between saved measurement programmes.
New Laser Marker Guide with Application Examples!
Do you struggle to mark tools, drills, metal or plastic parts at a high quality? Find out how laser marker functions like 3D and wide area marking, alignment and marking confirmation functions can help to improve your processes.
Digital Microscope Applications across 12 Industries
Browse through our latest guide introducing various microscope application examples from 12 industries including automotive, semiconductor, material science and food industries.
Engineering Tips for Quality Improvement and Cost Reduction
Our in-house engineers created this guide to introduce our various contact and non-contact sensors through different application examples. Browse through this document to improve your production efficiency and quality.
Why our Engineers Recommend Laser Displacement Sensors
Learn about the advantages of laser displacement sensors for dispenser coating process applications. Perform 100% inspections in-line, check the height, width, and volume of adhesives and improve inspection cycle time and quality.
Cut Costs and Product Recalls with Our Vision System!
Vision systems are a valuable tool to reduce labour costs and prevent defective workpieces from being released to customers. Solve a variety of applications with ease including stain/flow, presence/absence and position/angle.
Kaizen Code Reader Guide for Automotive
Solve a variety of automotive applications with the help of our unique code readers. With code verification, auto-focus and a wide-field of view, our code readers can reduce costs and drastically improve takt time.
Industrial Safety Scanner with Built-in Monitoring
Learn about our advanced industrial safety scanner, equipped with an integrated camera. It enables users to visualise the detection zone, identify the cause of triggers and take preventative actions for a smooth production process.
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Tips for Improving Magnified Observations and Analysis
Get the Most Out of your Vision System
Is your Laser Marker Safety up to Standards?
High-Accuracy Digital Laser Sensor with Position Monitoring
Industry 4.0, IoT and Traceability Solutions
How to Achieve Stabilised Measurements of Welded Parts
Robust Light Curtain with Outstanding Reliability
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