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Measure Up to 100 Dimensions, Instantaneously!
The IM Series Dimension Measurement System allows instant measurement of your parts. Just place as many parts as you can fit on the 200mm x 300mm stage, press, and measure! No need to worry about position or orientation.
[New Product] Debut of 4K Resolution Digital Microscopy!
Experience microscopy as you have never experienced it before: The VHX-7000 Digital Microscope with best-in-class 4K resolution produces optimal images, with highly intuitive, user-friendly operability for even advanced functions.
Multiple Difference Checks | One Sensor Device
The number of different checks being performed during multi-product manufacturing has increased, requiring multiple different devices. The IV Series Vision Sensor checks product type, direction and text all at once, improving efficiency.
Safety Laser Scanner with Remote Monitoring
The unique SZ-V Safety Laser Scanner offers real-time monitoring of the customisable protection zone thanks to its built-in camera and detachable monitor unit. Identify false triggers and reduce downtime, all from a safe 20m distance.
Reasons to Switch from Hand Calipers and Micrometers
Reduce Inspection Time and Improve Efficiency. Our free engineering guide outlines the advantages of non-contact measurement systems over conventional tools, including non-destructive measurement and eliminated operator error.
Kaizen Code Reader Examples for the Electronics Industry
Our kaizen guide illustrates code reading tips for electronic parts like PCB boards to help you improve yield rates, reduce device takt time and remove glare.
Future-Proofing Your Vision Systems!
The automation of visual inspections is progressing rapidly, unlocking new opportunities for efficiency gains. Our latest technology enables stable handling of varied product types and inspection conditions, all with just one light!
New! Application Guide for Laser Marking on Medical Devices
Traceability marking on medical devices such as scalpels, syringes, and catheters requires improved chromogenic properties and low product damage. Learn the advantages of Laser Marking for these applications.
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Durable Light Curtain with Outstanding Reliability
Detection Techniques Only Possible With an Ultra-Compact Vision Sensor
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