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          Newsletter 2014

          September 16, 2014

          Subject :

          [New Product] A Hybrid Laser Marker with Both High Quality and High Output!

          [New Product] A Hybrid Laser Marker with Both High Quality and High Output!
          By using a laser that combines the advantages of YVO4 lasers and fiber lasers, this product enables clear, high-speed marking.
          • High peak power of 200 kW and high output of 25 W
          • Auto-focus 3-Axis control enables marking with no focus misalignment
          • Equipped with a 2D code reader to enable reading just with this laser marker
          Learning Materials on Outer/Inner Diameter, Vibration, and Eccentricity Measurement
          You can learn the best methods of measurement as well as measurement principles for different measurement targets!
          For example, even when you want to measure the outer or inner diameter of a certain part, there are various measurement methods depending on the target. These learning materials provide you with easy-to-understand explanations on which measuring device to use as well as which kind of measurement is best to perform.
          Let's Differentiate Ourselves from Other Companies with Improved Speed for the Creation of "Inspection Records" for Dimensional Measurement
          An Introduction to a Dimension Measurement System that Can Create Inspection Records and Conduct Measurement at the Same Time
          The IM Series image dimension measurement system automatically calculates critical statistical values, such as maximum, minimum, σ, 3σ, and CPK all with the touch of a button. Inspection records can be easily created. Trends and variations can also be clearly understood at a glance with trend graphs and histograms.
          A Detecting Durability of 100 Million Times! An Environmentally Resistant and Long Lasting Contact Displacement Sensor
          We have released a φ8 mm (0.31") pencil-type head. A single multi-amp that can be equipped with 5 heads has also been released.
          Supports NEMA Type 13/IP67G environmental resistance. Our contact displacement sensor can be used without worry, even in environments where water, oil, and dust scatter about during metal-parts processing or in processes that involve cutting/machining. For details, please see our technical guide.
          Optical VS Digital Microscope
          Why Did They Change to Digital--The Reasons Why and Examples of the Results
          Why is there currently movement towards changing from "optical microscopes" to "digital microscopes" in R&D as well as quality assurance departments throughout the world?
          And what are the benefits gained as a result of this change? Take a look at our examples from various industries for the answers to these questions.
          Wire a Category 4 Light Curtain System in Seconds
          The New GL-T11R Dedicated Safety Relay Quickly Connects with Any GL-R Light Curtain to Effortlessly Create a Category 4 System.
          Wiring GL-R Series Light curtains just became even easier with the introduction of the NEW GL-T11R dedicated safety relay. Any set of GL-R Series Light Curtains can be effortlessly connected to the GL-T11R through two quick disconnect ports to create a Category 4 Safety System. The GL-T11R also features an easy-to-use terminal block to further simplify wiring.

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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