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          Newsletter 2014

          October 27, 2014

          Subject :

          Great techniques for Observation with Digital Microscopes!

          You Can Clearly See Low-contrast Targets! Techniques for Observation with Digital Microscopes
          By integrating (1) high-resolution images that use short-wavelength light with (2) HDR images, this product makes it possible to observe low-contrast targets with clear, high-contrast images.
          With the VHX-5000 Series of digital microscopes, even with low-contrast targets (such as paper, glass, and white resin), it is possible to perform observation with clear, high-resolution HDR images at the touch of a button. We hope that you will read the catalogue to see the actual examples of imaging with HDR having a dynamic range of 65536 gradations.
          Easy! Dimension Inspection Applications and Data Management Techniques
          In quality assurance, the way to apply and manage the results of dimension inspections is important. We would like to introduce the Image Dimension Measurement System IM Series, which makes it easy to manage and analyse inspection data as well as to create inspection reports.
          With the IM Series, the measured results are stored within the device, which makes it possible to immediately understand trends and variations in measured values. There are also other functions such as one that creates inspection reports and statistics reports with a single click. For details, see the technical guide.
          Improving Production with Image Sensors! Learn About Techniques for Preventing the Release of Defects.
          What are the causes of defective products being released? What are the reasons that image sensors are used in defective product inspections?
          What is necessary in order to provide customers with the high level of quality they demand and to support full inspections? Read this technical guide for actual examples of image sensors being used to solve the problems of defective product inspections and for the results of image sensor installations.
          A Detecting Durability of 100 Million Times! An Environmentally Resistant and Long Lasting Contact Displacement Sensor
          We have released a φ8 mm (0.31") pencil-type head. A single multi-amp that can be equipped with 5 heads has also been released.
          Supports NEMA Type 13/IP67G environmental resistance. Our contact displacement sensor can be used without worry, even in environments where water, oil, and dust scatter about during metal-parts processing or in processes that involve cutting/machining. For details, please see our technical guide.
          Must-read Key Points for the Print Quality of 2D Symbols!
          This text gives a detailed explanation of the types of code quality verification standards and the verification items. Knowing the correct information leads to improved quality and also enables you to quickly determine the cause when problems occur.
          You can use this document to systematically learn the types of, history of, and ways to use 2D symbol code quality verification standards. This document also includes an easy-to-understand explanation of the differences between ISO/IEC 15415 and ISO/IEC TR 29158, which are representative standards.
          Expert Non-contact Outer Shape Measurement Methods
          With this technical guide, you can use diagrams to learn which measuring instruments to use and how to perform measurements according to conditions such as the shape and materials of the target.
          In non-contact outer shape measurements, there are methods that use one-dimensional thrubeam measuring instruments as well as methods that use two-dimensional thrubeam or reflective measuring instruments. You can use this technical guide to obtain the knowledge and learn the measuring techniques that are useful in selecting measurement instruments. You can also download our latest catalogue of dimensional measurement sensors.
          Clogged Pressure Sensors Causing Downtime?
          The GP-M's unique ceramic step flush diaphragm resists clogs and requires less time to clean than conventional models.
          The GP-M's stainless steel housing and robust IP67 rating make it the perfect long-term pressure sensing solution in any environment. The GP-M doesn't stop with its durability, it is also very simple to install and operate. Clear digital read-outs, a highly visible indicator, and versatile mounting options allow for easy integration and operation. The GP-M also offers increased functionality allowing the sensor to adapt to each individual application through multiple output options and several other advanced features.

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          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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