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          Newsletter 2014

          November 17, 2014

          Subject :

          High Speed 3D In Line Measurement!

          High-speed Inline Profile Measurement
          3D Laser Inspection System Gives You 64,000 Profiles per Second.

          Measurement of work pieces moving at the high-speed of 6.4 m/sec with an incredible "0.1 mm pitch."
          Easy 3D display function, instantly check your results by utilising the built-in 3D profile viewer.
          High-accuracy operation, ±7.6μm accuracy and 0.4μm repeatability gives you 64x more dynamic resolution than even high-end 2D systems.
          Ultra high-speed data output enables the output of raw profile data at 64 kHz over GigE along with options for USB, RS-232C, Analogue voltage, and judgment I/O.
          Harsh Environment Damaging Your Sensors?
          The PX series will withstand wash-down, oil, and impact while delivering superior detection capabilities and unmatched reliability
          Ultra High-Intensity LED delivers the increased power necessary to blast through the dirt, dust, and buildup that are common in harsh environments. Continued operation in such environments is made possible by the rugged stainless steel housing, resin backfilled heads, and scratch resistant glass lenses. Innovative calibration features make setup and operation quick and simple.
          You Can Reduce Costs by Using Advanced 2D Code Readers
          No Need To Worry About Reading Marked Codes Anymore!
          Cost Reduction can be achieved by Preventing Read Errors.
          We will provide you with tips on how to achieve the best read from DPM.
          The tips help you to reduce read errors.
          Optical VS Digital Microscope
          Why Did They Change to Digital--The Reasons Why and Examples of the Results
          Why is there currently movement towards changing from "optical microscopes" to "digital microscopes" in R&D as well as quality assurance departments throughout the world?
          And what are the benefits gained as a result of this change? Take a look at our examples from various industries for the answers to these questions.
          Are Light Curtain annoying Trips Stopping Your Production?
          Nuisance Trips are mostly caused by light curtains not being properly aligned. The GL-R Series has practically eliminated this issue by providing increased power and an innovative rigid frame to make alignment both quicker and easier than ever before.
          Aside from facilitating easier alignment, these features also provide several other benefits that add to the GL-R Series' Strong, Smart, and Simple design. The increased power allows the GL-R Safety Light Curtains to easily blast through various forms of build up; while the rigid frame eliminates the need for additional guarding by providing a durable, impact resistant housing.

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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