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          Newsletter 2014

          November 25, 2014

          Subject :

          Brief Technical history on Image Processing

          A Technical History of Image Processing - Vol.1 – Camera
          An Introduction into the History of the Camera and the Image Processing Advancements Achieved, From the Birth of the Camera to the Current Digital Cameras.
          KEYENCE presents the first volume of "A Technical History of Image Processing", which provides a basic history on image processing to both enlighten and entertain. Topics include: The Birth of the Camera, Photosensitive material, Cameras, Electronics and CCD Cameras.
          NEW Powerful Autofocus Code Reader Makes Setup Simple
          With just the push of a button, the SR-1000 Series of 1D and 2D code readers can easily read even DPM codes – a conventionally difficult process.

          •  One model can match all inspection specifications
          •  Install anywhere within 1000 mm of its target
          •  Unaffected by glare from metallic and reflective surfaces
          A Vast Selection of Fiber Heads with a High-Function Amplifier!
          The FU Series Delivers Advanced Features, Mega-Power, and Hundreds of Available Fiber Heads including Heavy-Duty and Specialty Types
          The KEYENCE FU Series Fiberoptic Sensor Series offers unmatched versatility with its wide variety of available fiber heads including focused beam, wide-area, long-range, and even clear target detection types. Mounting challenges are met with unique and innovative designs like threaded hex-shapes, cylindrical, and even heads with integrated brackets. Guarded, chemical resistant, heat resistant, and high-flex fiber heads provide reliable performance even in harsh environments.
          [Magnified Observation Techniques] Automatically Extract and Perform Dimension Measurements on the Same Shape!
          For inspections, have you ever measured the same shape in multiple locations? The Digital Microscope VHX-5000 is equipped with a template function that can make measurements like this more efficient. If you make a template with the measurement details in advance, you can detect and automatically measure the inspection targets with a single click. For details, see the catalogue.
          Collection of Actual Examples of Installation Results with Image Dimension Measurement Systems for Improved Customer Confidence in Product Quality
          Improvements to your customers' confidence in your products lead directly to expansions to your company's business. Why does installing the IM Series lead to improvements in customer confidence? We hope that individuals working in quality assurance departments will download this document.
          What Are the Merits to Measuring the Outer Diameter in 2D instead of 1D?
          The following are actual examples of customer problems that have been solved with the High-speed 2D Measurement Sensor TM-3000 Series. We hope that you will read these documents to understand the secrets behind how these problems were solved.

          •  Measuring the outer diameter of an inclined target
          •  Measuring the outer diameter of a target with a rough surface
          •  Measuring the outer diameter at multiple points at narrow intervals
          •  Measuring the outer diameter at multiple points on a rotating target
          •  Measuring the outer diameter at a fixed point
          •  Measuring diameter changes in a multi-diameter target
          •  Measuring the maximum/minimum outer diameter
          Static Eliminator General Catalogue Full of Static Elimination Techniques and Applications
          You can use this catalog to select the optimal static eliminator—from bar types, blower types, and spot types—to match your installation location and application.

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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