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Newsletter 2015

January 19, 2015

Subject :

NEW! Techniques for Process Control & Inspection

NEW! Techniques for Process Control & Inspection
This is the second installment of our popular technical guide series, containing examples of non-contact inspections and detailed explanations of the latest features and technologies. Each document covers a different manufacturing process.
[New Product] Collection of Actual Solution Examples with the IM-6225 Image Dimension Measurement System
This document contains suggestions for ways to use the newly equipped illuminated measurement function to easily solve measurement problems. We hope that all those individuals who are performing inspections with projectors and similar devices will read this document.
A Pencil Shaped, Air Push Type Has Been Added to the GT2 Series of Contact Sensors!
No mechanism is required to move the sensor head itself. This allows for space-saving installation which can greatly reduce costs at initial setup. Plus any worries about variations in accuracy due to the jig are eliminated.
A must-see for developers! Three pieces of observation advice for evaluating new materials and construction methods.
Are you repeatedly making prototypes and performing evaluations in order to reduce product costs and increase product performance? We'll introduce some tricks for using a digital microscope to perform efficient evaluations.
We'll use observation images to introduce observation techniques, methods to quantify judgment indices, and other similar information. Read this information to learn some key points about evaluations and the way to perform evaluations so that both the number of times that prototyping is performed and the development period are reduced.
Easily Align Safety Light Curtains with the Industry's Top Alignment Tool
Perfectly align GL-R safety light curtains in seconds with KEYENCE's optional safety device configurator. Simply connect to your curtains and clearly see the alignment status of EACH INDIVIDUAL BEAM in REAL-TIME!
Along with this innovative alignment tool, Keyence's GL-R Series Safety Light Curtains also feature a sturdy and durable frame, as well as high powered beams. This allows the curtains to maintain proper alignment, regardless of vibration or minor build-up, in order ensure consistently stable detection.
Basic Information on Lasers That Can Be Learned in Just 10 Minutes
You can use this popular technical guide to learn about a variety of technical information that is useful to know when selecting and using laser markers. Topics covered include visible lasers, invisible lasers, lasers that react to metal and resin, and the reasons why resin is discolored by laser light.

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