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          Newsletter 2015

          March 09, 2015

          Subject :

          Learning the Mechanisms of Static Electricity Generation and Mastering the Elimination of Static Electricity

          Learning the Mechanisms of Static Electricity Generation and Mastering the Elimination of Static Electricity
          This popular document can be used to learn about a variety of topics such as the principles and characteristics of static electricity, the mechanism of charging, measuring methods, and countermeasures in a short time.
          Mechanism of contact charging
          Characteristics of contact charging
          Maximum electric charge
          Common measures against static electricity, etc.
          Learn about "Thickness and Width" as well as "Position control" with a textbook that teaches you about measurement
          We have prepared material that allows you to learn the best measurement methods as well as measurement principles for different targets.
          When you would like to do "thickness/width measurement" or "position control," there are various methods depending on the target. These materials provide easy-to-understand explanations about what kinds of methods are used to optimise measurement with which measurement devices.
          Introducing the Manual Auto-Generator Function
          Create a complete instruction manual specific to your application in just minutes.
          Greatly reduce the cost of creating the documentation often required with a new machine vision installation. Here are some typical impressions from our customers having experienced just how amazing the Manual Auto-Generator function can be.
          Industry First Adjustable Beam Spot!
          Reliable detection regardless of target shape or surface characteristics.
          Advanced operating features and superior detection capabilities make the Keyence LR-T the most versatile all-purpose laser sensor available. Innovations like the Step Disc Mechanism and DATUM Mode allow the LR-T to be used in a vast range of sensing applications. Setup and operation has never been faster with an easy to read OLED display, highly visible indicator light, and simplified menus.
          Suggestions for New Ways to Use the "4-in-1 Digital Microscope" and Lenses
          This document suggests ways to perform four typical types of optical microscope observations with a single digital microscope.
          Our VHX-5000 is a new digital microscope equipped with a real-time depth composition function that ensures that all the points you want to observe are fully focused at all times.

          Observations with magnifications in the range of x0.1 to x5000 can be easily performed just by changing the lens.
          Check out both the lens application guide and observation examples from a variety of industries.

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.