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          Newsletter 2015

          April 13, 2015

          Subject :

          Easy to align Safety Light Curtain!

          Easily Align Safety Light Curtains with the Industry's Top Alignment Tool
          Perfectly align GL-R safety light curtains in seconds with KEYENCE's optional safety device configurator. Simply connect to your curtains and clearly see the alignment status of EACH INDIVIDUAL BEAM in REAL-TIME!
          Along with this innovative alignment tool, Keyence's GL-R Series Safety Light Curtains also feature a sturdy and durable frame, as well as high powered beams. This allows the curtains to maintain proper alignment, regardless of vibration or minor build-up, in order ensure consistently stable detection.
          Techniques for Saving Time by Using a Digital Microscope
          Are you using multiple microscopes for different applications in research and analysis? KEYENCE's digital microscope combines the advantages of all these microscopes in a single unit to enable viewing, image capturing, and measurements that anyone can perform easily.
          A Tough Contact Displacement Sensor That Can Even Be Used in Oily Environments
          The GT2 Series has an ΓΈ8 mm pencil type head, complies with NEMA Type 13 and IP67G standards for environmental resistance, and has a long service life with a detecting durability of 100 million cycles. A multi-sensor amplifier unit, which makes it possible to connect up to 5 sensor heads to 1 amplifier unit, has also been added to the lineup.
          Why Was That Company Successful? "Image Dimension Measurement System, Examples of Implementation Benefits"
          This guide introduces actual examples of improvements to quality arising from the installation of the IM Series. Examples of these improvements include reduced inspection time, eliminated operator-based variations, and improved reliability. We hope that this guide will be useful in improving your dimension measurement work.
          Inspection Takt Time That Is 240 Times Better Than Conventional Methods! Laser Profiler
          While it was impossible to perform high-definition 2D measurements with spot beam laser sensors, KEYENCE has made it possible to perform these measurements with overwhelmingly high speeds and stability!
          We hope that you will read this catalogue to learn about the improved inspection takt time and measured value stability that are made possible by ultra-high-speed sampling.
          Download this catalogue as a set with the technical guides for height and width measurement.

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.