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          Newsletter 2015

          September 07, 2015

          Subject :

          Download Our Expert Guide to Non-Contact Measurement Solutions in Your Industry!

          Collection of Latest Non-Contact Measurement Examples for Your Industry
          See the latest applications in cutting-edge processes utilising the latest technologies.
          We have gathered information and examples of the latest cutting-edge non-contact measurement applications across a variety of industries. Check out how leading companies are utilising non-contact measurement to improve their process, improve quality, and save money. Download now!
          [New Product] A Hybrid Laser Marker with Both High Quality and High Output!
          By using a laser that combines the advantages of YVO4 lasers and fiber lasers, this product enables clear, high-speed marking.
          · High peak power of 200 kW and high output of 25 W
          · Auto-focus 3-Axis control enables marking with no focus misalignment
          · Equipped with a 2D code reader to enable reading just with this laser marker
          Let's Differentiate Ourselves from Other Companies with Improved Speed for the Creation of "Inspection Records" for Dimensional Measurement
          An Introduction to a Dimension Measurement System that Can Create Inspection Records and Conduct Measurement at the Same Time
          The IM Series image dimension measurement system automatically calculates critical statistical values, such as maximum, minimum, σ, 3σ, and CPK all with the touch of a button. Inspection records can be easily created. Trends and variations can also be clearly understood at a glance with trend graphs and histograms.
          New Product: Notice on the Release of the VHX-5000 Digital Microscope that "Eliminates the Need for Focus Adjustment"
          In microscope observation, focus adjustment is a routine operation.
          However, our latest product, the "VHX-5000" is a digital microscope that has been equipped with a "real-time depth composition" function that instantly places the entire field-of-view into focus when you capture the area that you wish to view, which "eliminates the need for focus adjustment."

          All processing is performed by the VHX-5000.
          No matter who the operator is, it is possible to achieve clear and focused images.

          And that's not all! The VHX-5000 also offers...
          · Clear 3D observation with a deep depth-of-field
          · "High-resolution HDR" that achieves a resolution that rivals that of an SEM with optical observation
          · An "easy mode" that automatically executes advanced functions
          · An XYZ stage that allows for observation from any angle
          No Substitute for Resolution: 21MP Inspection!
          Discover the secret to quick startup and long-term operation for image processing.
          The CV-X Series has a vast lineup of area cameras that range from standard 310K pixels to high-accuracy 21MP resolution. The right camera can be chosen to match up to almost any vision application need. Check out all the features of the CV-X that enable any user, from beginner to experienced, to easily setup and operate the CV-X Series, even for difficult inspections.
          Learning the Mechanisms of Static Electricity Generation and Mastering the Elimination of Static Electricity
          This popular document can be used to learn about a variety of topics such as the principles and characteristics of static electricity, the mechanism of charging, measuring methods, and countermeasures in a short time.
          · Mechanism of contact charging
          · Characteristics of contact charging
          · Maximum electric charge
          · Common measures against static electricity, etc.

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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