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          Newsletter 2015

          September 21, 2015

          Subject :

          Maximise Your Microscope Usage With These FREE Technical Tips

          Microscope Technical Guide (Tips for Maximising Microscope Usage)
          We would like to introduce you to technical material, featuring techniques that have been used to resolve issues and inquiries that we have received from microscope users.
          These technical materials are an introductory guide on the usage of the digital microscope.
          We will introduce you to tips that will allow you to maximise microscope usage as well as tricks to easily resolve issues and concerns such as...

          · The desire to capture clear, magnified images as targeted
          · The desire to improve the efficiency of analysis work
          · Concerns regarding the feasibility of effectively using the microscope once introduced
          · Concerns regarding the possible effect demonstrated by a digital microscope

          The information provided in this guide is introduced with a focus on easily executable know-how.
          An Introduction to LS-9000 Series Non-Contact Micrometers
          The Arrival of Micrometers that Have Systematically Pursued High-Speed, High-Precision, and Low Maintenance.
          We will introduce you to know-how regarding on-site usage as well as measurement principles that should be known, including the reason behind our micrometers' on-site long-use capabilities, why they are easy to use, and an explanation of their high precision.
          Change Your Laboratory with the Completely New Image Dimension Measurement System.
          This is a completely new image dimension measurement system to replace conventional projectors and measuring microscopes.
          Just "place" the target in your preferred position and "press" the measurement button to complete measurement. Check out the secret of this novel technology with your own eyes.

          The [IM Series] is a completely new image dimension measurement system to replace conventional projectors and measuring microscopes. The [IM Series]...

          · Produces the exact same measurement results no matter who performs measurement
          · Can be easily used by anyone
          · Can perform measurement that is overwhelmingly faster than conventional devices

          Just "place" the target in your preferred position on the stage and "press" the measurement button to instantly complete everything from measurement to OK/NG judgment. You can achieve astonishing inspection in your own laboratory. If you are asking yourself if this is all really possible, then the first thing you should do is take a look at our catalog.
          Why Are Laser Markers Optimal for Metal Marking?
          This technical guide explains information such as the advantages to metal marking with laser markers and the way to select a laser.
          [VIDEO] Guess Who Wins?
          Ultimate battle between Safety Light Curtain with Armored Protection against forklift in motion!
          The goal for a safety light curtain is to stably work even under harsh environment for a long period of time. Protected by the 3mm thick aluminum twin bumper structure, can GL-R keep operating even after being hit by a forklift?
          Also, check out the catalog for the technology behind!
          Do You Have A Difficult Sensing Application?
          The LR-T series is unaffected by target surface, colour, or shape, making it the ultimate choice for detection stability.
          Long range capability coupled with superior detection ability and advanced operating features make the KEYENCE LR-T the most versatile all-purpose laser sensor available. Sensor setup and operation has never been faster with the easy to read OLED display, highly visible indicator light, and simplified menu.

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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