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          Newsletter 2015

          December 07, 2015

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          Our Simple Guide to Sensor Selection

          What is a Sensor? A Simple Guide to Sensor Selection
          There is a wide variety of sensor technology available, each offering different detection principles with their own advantages and disadvantages. This document from KEYENCE has been designed to deepen your knowledge, and systematically learn the basics behind the different sensors and measurement devices on the market. Check out the full guide below for guidance on selecting the optimal sensor for your next application.
          Easily Manage your Complex Measurements with this High-Speed Optical Micrometer
          With the LS Series, anyone can perform dimensional measurements easily! This high-speed optical micrometer from KEYENCE is popular not only due to its high speed and stable measurements, but also due to its user-friendliness and easy setup. We have prepared an application guide that shows how the LS can be used to optimize your measurement methods. Download your free copy below.
          An Introductory Guide to Laser Technology
          What are lasers? KEYENCE has prepared a simple guide containing everything you need to learn the basics about laser technology. From oscillation principles and the differences between oscillation methods, to the characteristics of different wavelengths, this guide contains all the information you need to master the fundamentals in minutes.
          Learn Why So Many Engineers are Swapping Shadowgraphs and Hand Calipers for the KEYENCE IM Series
          The IM Series Image Dimension Measurement System has become a favorite tool of measurement and quality managers around the world. The majority of engineers who have purchased the IM Series are former shadowgraph and hand caliper users. Click to find out why so many engineers have made the switch from their trusted traditional measurement tools.
          A Beginner's Guide to Connector Defect Analysis with Digital Microscopes
          Connectors are an integral part of electronic design. This guidebook from KEYENCE uses magnified images to illustrate best practices for defect analysis on connector parts. From the different types of connectors and their associated problems and remedies, to the key points to remember when performing observations with digital microscopes, this comprehensive guide contains full explanations, in easy-to-understand terms.
          Maintenance-free Contact-type Displacement Sensor
          The GT2 Series Contact-type Displacement Sensor form KEYENCE is so robust, that periodic maintenance is no longer a necessity. Water-resistant, oil-resistant and dust-proof, the GT2 Series guarantees a detecting durability of 100 million cycles or more. With no need to adjust the origin, the GT2 sensor is so easy to setup, anyone can use it. For more details, click to download the full catalogue below.
          1D and 2D Code Readers for Every Application
          Consisting of the SR-1000, SR-750 and SR-700 models, the SR Family of Code Readers from KEYENCE has a device to suit every application. The range offers a rich variety of models with a wide variety of features, including compact dimensions, easy installation and autofocus functions, all with Ethernet/IP™ and PROFINET support. Download the latest catalogue below to find the perfect model for your needs.
          Improve Production, Reduce Defects with Image Sensors!
          Delivering the high level of quality that customers demand without compromising productivity can be a challenge. Learn how vision sensors can be used to support full high-speed inspections which help to prevent the release of defective products. Read this technical guide for real life examples of problems solved using vision sensors, and learn how they might benefit your own inspection.

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