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          Newsletter 2016

          January 12, 2016

          Subject :

          Read Our Free Introductory Guide to Laser Technology

          An Introductory Guide to Laser Technology
          What are lasers? KEYENCE has prepared a simple guide containing everything you need to learn the basics about laser technology. From oscillation principles and the differences between oscillation methods, to the characteristics of different wavelengths, this guide contains all the information you need to master the fundamentals in minutes.
          See how the IM Series Can Make a Difference to Your Inspection with these Productivity Improvement Examples!
          With the ability to instantly measure up to 99 dimensions at the push of a button, the IM Series Dimension Measurement System from KEYENCE is a revolutionary piece of inspection equipment. Key benefits of the system include increased production capacity, improved quality reporting and data management, as well as reduced inspection training costs. Click below for real life examples of improvements realised using the IM.
          Tricks for Using Laser Displacement Sensors for High Accuracy Measurement
          When using laser displacement sensors, technique plays a huge part. If you are having trouble obtaining accurate measurements, then a different approach to the problem could be the solution. Download these free guides from KEYENCE and learn the tricks-of-the-trade for accurate non-contact measurement.
          KEYENCE Guide to Image Processing: Color Extraction
          The First in a New Series of Technical Guides on Image Processing Techniques and Methods
          KEYENCE vision systems have been widely adopted and operated by users throughout the world. This new "Image Processing" Series of documents from will introduce different operation principles, tips and tricks to help you optimise your use of our vision systems. In this edition, we offer a detailed explanation on how to perform reliable inspections using colour extraction. Click below to download for free.
          Small, Strong, and Simple Sensors
          Whether you need a sensor that automatically adjusts its power for build-up or an inexpensive solution that can detect something as small as 0.0002", the 200+ sensor combinations in the FS-N series can do it. Click for further details.
          Countermeasures against Static and the Adhesion of Foreign Particles
          The adhesion of foreign particles due to static electricity is a problem at many manufacturing sites. Preventing foreign particles from adhering to workpieces and removing those that already have can be a continuous challenge. These documents from KEYENCE provide advice on countermeasures against these and other related problems caused by static. Download your copy below.
          Introducing Traceability Systems in 3 Simple Steps
          Looking to introduce new traceability systems? These E-Books from KEYENCE guide you through the process in 3 simple steps and help you to quickly learn the key points involved with actual examples from the Automotive, Electronics, Food, Medical and Cosmetics industries. Click to download for free.

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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