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          Newsletter 2016

          October 31, 2016

          Subject :

          [New Product] A Vision System That Makes Lighting Settings Easy

          [New Product] A Vision System That Makes Lighting Settings Easy
          The new CV-X400 Machine Vision System from KEYENCE makes it easy for anyone to create optimal images in three simple steps. The CV-X400 eliminates the need to select or define complex lighting settings, enabling even non-vision users to perform advanced inspections with ease.
          Techniques for Magnified Observation and Analysis
          Have you ever found that you and a customer have different opinions about the cause of a product's defect? Digital microscopes can offer up a solution to this problem. Download our free guide to learn more about digital microscopes and techniques for convincing image capture and analysis.
          Oil and Water Resistant Photoelectric Sensors
          The PX Series heavy duty sensor from KEYENCE is designed specifically for use in harsh environments. This high-power photoelectric sensor has a detecting distance of 40m, whilst its simple, gasket-free structure and waterproof amplifier unit make the device resistant to both oil and water (IP67).
          Read Multiple Barcodes Simultaneously
          Save time and increase the efficiency of your code reading. The SR-1000 Series Code Reader from KEYENCE has a wide field of view that is four times larger than conventional products. This makes it possible to read multiple barcodes on parts and manufacturing instructions as a batch with simple settings.
          19 Ways to Reduce Dimensional Measurement Time
          Have you ever wanted to measure the dimensions of complex appearances quickly and easily? This guide is a must-see for anyone who still hasn't checked out KEYENCE's image dimension measurement systems.
          Five Reasons to Switch to Non-contact Measurement Systems
          Why are many people switching to non-contact measurement systems? Read our guide for a clear explanation of the advantages of non-contact measurement systems and their benefits for productivity.
          The Causes of Static Cling
          Based on the size and electrical charge of your target, over what range should you eliminate static electricity? Understanding the mechanisms behind the static cling of foreign particles and debris provides the answer. Click to find out more.
          Learn the Advantages of Laser Processing from This Guide
          Are using blades for processing? Learn more about laser processing types and their potential advantages. This illustrated guide uses examples to explain techniques that are useful for improving processes across boring, cutting and sheath removal.

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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