Newsletter 2017

February 20, 2017

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Achieve Zero Defects and Improve Efficiency

Improve Inspection Speeds and Maximise Productivity
Learn how to achieve precision inspection whilst optimising productivity. Learn the secret functions and features of KEYENCE micrometers and discover how to improve inspection speeds in this must read document for anyone working at manufacturing sites.
Improve Your Resin Marking Techniques
Master the art of marking on plastic and resin parts with specialist knowledge and techniques from KEYENCE. Learn the principles of contract marking and the laser light absorption rates for different materials. Click for more information.
Learn How to Get More from Your Microscope
Learn new analysis techniques from microscope users across the automotive, oil & gas, medical device, battery and printing industries. Each example is accompanied by high resolution images to help you identify the best techniques for your application and industry.
How to Handle Increasing Quality Requirements
Are you being asked to provide more sample data from your quality checks? Or have you been requested to deliver more inspection reports altogether? Check out the IM Series Image Dimension Measurement System and see how it can help you to meet demanding quality commitments whilst minimising man-hours spent on inspection.
Incredibly Stable All-Purpose Laser Sensors
With simple setup and position-based technology, the versatile LR-T Series
All-Purpose Laser Sensor provides reliable detection across a wide range of applications.
Machine Vision Troubleshooting
How do you stabilise inspections in locations with large light intensity fluctuations? What do you do when your edge position detection is unstable? Find the answer to these frequently asked machine vision questions and more within this Know-How Guide compiled by KEYENCE engineers.
Set Up Vision Inspections Just in 1 Minute
Learn how to set up inspections in just 1 minute. The thumb-sized IV Series Vision Sensor from KEYENCE enables you to set up inspections on up to 16 items, such as colour and shape, which can be checked simultaneously. The built-in camera's automatic focus mechanism makes set up a breeze.
Code Reading for the Food and Medical Industries
The SR-1000 code reader eliminates concerns regarding the mounting distance and settings. Check out these guides to learn how this code reader lets anyone easily differentiate between product types and implement traceability.

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