Newsletter 2017

February 21, 2017

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Product Update: Vision | Code Readers | Sensors | Safety

[New Product] Increase Efficiency with KEYENCE's new Handheld Code Reader
Introducing the new SR-G100 from KEYENCE, a handheld DPM Code Reader designed to optimise productivity.
The SR-G100's simple configuration and operation enables anyone to perform high-speed, stable reading with ease. If you are looking for faster, more reliable code reading, please download our catalogue for free.
[New Product] Detect ANY Change in Appearance with the New Full Colour Sensor!
The NEW Full-Spectrum LR-W Series Sensor solves the widest range of applications of any KEYENCE sensor developed to date. Solve presence/absence applications, differentiate products with slight variations, detect registration marks and verify object colour all with a single self-contained device.
[New Product] Easy Vision Lighting Settings from the New Vision System
The new CV-X400 Machine Vision System from KEYENCE makes it easy for anyone to create optimal images in three simple steps. The CV-X400 eliminates the need to select or define complex lighting settings, enabling even non-vision users to perform advanced inspections with ease.
[New Product] Machine Area Safety Made Easy
Machine guarding is easier than ever with the SZ-V Series Safety Scanner. It features a removable monitor showing the detection area that can be placed elsewhere and built in cameras to show the trigger for a fault. Set up is simple and completed in minutes.
[New Product] High Speed Line Scan Vision with Intuitive Operation
Combining the fastest controller and camera in the industry, advanced inspections and high-speed processing can be easier than ever. Download the catalogue to learn more about the newly introduced XG-X Series.

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