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          Newsletter 2017

          March 13, 2017

          Subject :

          [Microscope Techniques] Applications for Research

          [Microscope Techniques] Applications for Research
          Our latest technical guide introduces observation examples from sites conducting research and development for cutting-edge technology and products across various fields.
          This guide will show you the types of observation that can be performed as well as the level of detail that can be observed when utilising "Digital Microscopes".
          Time-Saving Precision Measurement System - Examples
          KEYENCE's latest measurement offering, the IM Series Image Dimension Measurement System, enables users to easily capture 99 measurements in just 3 seconds. Our guide demonstrates by just how much this technology can reduce measurement and inspection times across various target objects.
          KEYENCE's Latest Lineup of In-line Optical Micrometers
          Learn about the characteristics and applications of KEYENCE's latest Thrubeam Optical Micrometers. KEYENCE's proprietary optical system uses LEDs to maintain high speed and accuracy over long periods of use. Download our guide for further information.
          KEYENCE Image Processing Academy
          What are the best methods for extracting colours using a colour camera? What are the differences between the four colour extraction methods? What is colour to grey processing? Find the answers to these questions and more from our guide to Image Processing Techniques.
          Get the Most from Your Flow Meter
          Use the diagrams in this guide to learn common problems with flow meters and their countermeasures. This guide covers each operating principle, including electromagnetic and diaphragm methods.
          Read 2D Codes Covered in Oil at High Speed
          KEYENCE code readers are able to deliver stable code readings, even on products covered in cutting oil or flux. Click 'More Details' to download product information and find out more about potential applications.
          Contact Sensors That Don't Break Even After 100 Million Cycles
          Linear ball bearings and all-stainless-steel construction give this lightweight sensor an extraordinarily long service life. This built-in resilience helps you to reduce maintenance time due to head damage and cut the cost of sensors.

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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