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          Newsletter 2017

          March 21, 2017

          Subject :

          New Addition to Our Detection Sensor Range

          [New Product] Do-It-All Detection Sensor
          The new LR-ZH sensor detects based on both distance and intensity, meaning dark, metal, or even transparent targets can be stably detected from over 19" (500mm) away. Click for more details on this latest addition to the KEYENCE sensor range.
          QCD Improvement Strategies from Other Industries
          Discover new efficiency gains by learning from other industries. This definitive compilation of QCD Improvement Strategies, grouped by industry, uses actual examples to illustrate the advantages of different magnified observation, testing and analysis process.
          Learn About Laser Marking Terminology
          Lasers can be an invaluable tool across a variety of applications, but without knowing their range of capabilities it can be difficult to unlock their full potential. Learn all about pulse oscillation and other specialised laser terminology with our quick-reference glossary.
          Take 2D and Height Measurements in Seconds
          A touch probe has been added to the IM Series Instant Measurement Device, enabling height in addition to 2D measurement. The improved model allows any operator, regardless of experience with the device, to place parts on the stage and capture accurate measurements for up to 99 dimensions at the push of a button.
          Five Reasons for Switching to Non-Contact Measurement
          Learn why increasing numbers of engineers are switching over to non-contact measurement tools. Our guide gives a comprehensive breakdown of the key advantages of non-contact measurement over alternative methods and their benefits for your productivity.
          KAIZEN with Code Readers
          Learn about the useful autofocus, code verification and polarising filter functions of our 1D and 2D Code Readers and discover how they can save you time and money. See actual examples that introduce the ways the SR-1000 Series Code Reader is used across the automotive, electronics, food, and packing industries.
          Machine Vision: Engineer's Know-how Vol. 5
          Our in-house engineers share more of their expert know-how on Machine Vision challenges, including:

          ·How to eliminate small amounts of noise or emphasise small changes
          ·How to perform inspections that are not influenced by the background
          Dealing with Static Electricity
          Static electricity cannot be detected or directly observed with the naked eye, so having the right tools to detect and deal with static phenomena is important. If you are having problems with static, download our free guide and techniques, or contact KEYENCE directly for a consultation with our engineers.

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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