Newsletter 2017

April 10, 2017

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Applications that Benefit from 3D Analysis Equipment

12 Industries that Benefit from 3D Analysis Equipment
This guide provides useful information to help solve R&D issues and improve quality. Learn different analysis techniques used across these industries with image based examples and about the latest advancements in microscopy.
Instant 2D and Height Measurement
The KEYENCE IM Series Instant Measurement Device has been updated with the addition of a touch probe enabling height measurement. This allows uniform 2D and height measurements to be captured simply by placing your part on the stage and pressing a button, no experience required.
Guide to Improved Marking Techniques
The latest Laser Marking guide from KEYENCE covers specialised product knowledge, including:

·The principles of contrast marking
·Laser light absorption rates for different materials
Advice on 2D/ 3D Profiler Selection
When solving a measurement application, it is important to pick the right tool for the job. This guide highlights the top five technologies that differentiate KEYENCE's LJ-V Series laser profiler.
Advanced Safety Light Curtains
With easy setup and troubleshooting, the GL-R Safety Light Curtain from KEYENCE can be swiftly installed and easily maintained. New features allow light curtain operation to be 'muted' under special circumstances, external devices to be attached and built-in alignment LEDs.
Top Tips for Improving Image Processing
This guide advises on Machine Vision device selection all the way to inspection algorithms. Topics covered include:

·The image receiving element - CCD
·Lens, light types and selection methods
·Optimising images for processing
Reduce Contact Sensor Maintenance Costs
KEYENCE's GT2 Series has a detecting durability of 200 million cycles, is resistant to water and oil, and fast delivery as standard, helping to minimise the maintenance time and cost associated with contact sensor replacement.
The New Standard for Code Reading
The SR Series Autofocus 1D and 2D Code Reader combines high performance with ease-of-use. Features of the SR Series include flexible installation distance, automatic optimisation of reading settings and automatic glare elimination. Take a look at this introductory video for a quick overview.

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