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          Newsletter 2017

          May 16, 2017

          Subject :

          Part Marking and Measurement Best Practice

          An Introduction to Laser Marking
          What are lasers? This guide can be used to learn about laser basics such as oscillation principles, differences between oscillation methods, and the characteristics of different wavelengths.
          Contact vs Non-Contact Measurement
          Understand the differences between different contact and non-contact measurement devices using this handy technical guide. Weigh up the pros and cons across stability and cost to identify the best technology for your next measurement application.
          Measuring Moulded Resin Products
          Moulded resin products can be created in a variety of complicated shapes, some of which have a large number of dimensional measurement locations. This guide covers the basics of the injection moulding process as well as the characteristics of the typical instruments used to measure resin parts.
          Set Up Vision Inspections in 1 Minute
          Learn how to set up inspections in just 1 minute. The size of your thumb, the IV Series Vision Sensor from KEYENCE enables you to set up simultaneous inspections on up to 16 items, such as colour and shape. The built-in camera's automatic focus mechanism makes setting up your inspection quick and easy.
          Image Processing 'A-to-Z': Automating Visual Inspection
          Learn how to automate your visual inspections with this free technical document. Starting with the basics, learn:

          ·How and why to automate visual inspections
          ·What equipment is required to automate inspection
          ·Examples of automated visual inspections across presence, appearance and dimension checks
          A Simple Guide to Sensor Selection
          This guide from KEYENCE has been designed to help you to systematically learn the basics behind the different sensors on the market, and deepen your knowledge of the advantages and disadvantages of different types of device. Click for more details and guidance on selecting the optimal sensor for your next application.
          Stable 2D Code Reading
          Errors when reading 2D codes can lead to decreased rates of operation and defective products being released.
          Use this document to learn the tricks behind stable reading of codes.

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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