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          Newsletter 2017

          June 26, 2017

          Subject :

          New Code Reading and Measurement Releases

          [NEW!] The SR-2000 Code Reader
          All of our accumulated know-how and advanced technology have been applied to the creation of our latest code reading product. The SR-2000 Code Reader offers twice the field-of-view, depth-of-field and reading distance of conventional devices. Find out more here.
          [NEW!] Instant Measurement - Even on Large Parts
          The New IM-7000 Instant Measurement System builds on previous releases with new features that enable the inspection of previously unmeasurable parts. Boasting a 200 x 200mm stage, the IM-7000 provides 4x the measurement volume of previous models. Check out our catalogue to see where the device can help on your worksite.
          Laser Marking on Metal Surfaces
          Learn how laser marking can be applied to metal parts, from the techniques to use to achieve different marking finishes to the type of laser you'll need for different application types. Download this free guide to help you answer your queries on using laser markers for metal processing applications.
          Count Contaminants and Foreign Particles Instantaneously
          Are you visually counting or analysing microscopic contaminants and foreign particles? With a digital microscope, you can automate this work at higher accuracy. Automated particle analysis tools can be useful in a great many fields ranging from engine-related analysis to post-experiment filter observation. Find out more here.
          5 Reasons to Switch from Hand Calipers and Micrometers
          Discover the advantages of switching from Hand Calipers to Micrometers. This handy document covers the key advantages to be realised from automation, including improved cycle time and improved quality. This document is a must-read for anyone who wants to implement 100% automated measurement dimension inspection.
          Image Processing Useful Tips Vol. 2 - Lenses
          Lens selection is a key part of image processing, which in turn plays an essential role in product defect inspections. Use this guide to improve your knowledge and learn more about lenses, with contents covering Depth-of-Field, Lens Resolution and Distortion.
          Easily Automate Visual Inspections at Low Cost
          The IV Series Vision Sensor comes with lighting and lens built-in, reducing costs an eliminating the need for troublesome equipment selections. The sensor's ease of operation, which allows any user to complete the set up in just 1 minute, is also receiving rave reviews. Learn more here.
          Avoiding Problems with Flow Meters
          Use the diagrams in this guide to learn the most common problems with flow meters and their countermeasures. This document covers each operating principle of flow meter devices, including electromagnetic and diaphragm methods.

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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