Newsletter 2017

September 19, 2017

Subject :

New Techniques for Engineering & Research Applications

A New Standard in Safety Laser Scanners
The SZ-V Laser Safety Scanner sets a new standard for the industry with a host of value-added features:

·Detachable Display Unit for remote operation
·Built-in Cameras for real-time video monitoring of detection area status
Training Course | An Introduction to Machine Vision
Master the basics of Machine Vision and Image Processing under the guidance of our inspection experts, including:

·Camera & Lens Selection
·Illumination Selection & Settings
·Detection Judgments
Reduce Reading Defects Even on Damaged Codes
Learn how to improve work efficiency and reduce code reading defects with
the SR-G 100 Handheld Code Reader:

·High-speed, stable hand-held reading of 1D & 2D codes
·User-friendly with simple operation and easy configuration
·Reads codes discoloured or damaged during processing or assembly
Improving Measurement Speeds & Reliability
Learn the benefits of upgrading your inspection equipment to the latest Image Dimension Measurement technology:

·Take up to 99 measurements in 3 seconds
·Simple one button operation eliminates user error
·Suitable across a range of environments, including in-process and pre-shipment inspections
Best Practice for Height Difference Measurement
Optimise your step measurement applications with guidance from our best practice guide:

·Tackle common problems with contact sensors, laser displacement sensors and measurement microscopes
·Learn about the latest technology available for use in step height applications
·Perform step measurements without contact or tilt errors
Vision Sensor the Size of Your Thumb
The ultra-compact IV-H Series Vision Sensor enables a wide variety of inspections to be performed with ease:

·Performs a wide variety of checks including colour, presence, diameter, width and pitch
·Built-in camera and lighting eliminates the need for lengthy equipment selection
·Compact, thumb-sized sensor head and automatic focus mechanism makes installation easy
Laser Marking on Metal Surfaces
Learn about the advantages of using laser marking techniques for metal processing applications:

·Evaluate the characteristics and suitability of different marking types for use on metal surfaces
·Learn new techniques required to achieve different laser marking finishes on metal parts
·Discover the optimal type of laser to use for different marking applications
Microscope Techniques for Cutting-Edge R&D
Discover how Digital Microscopy in transcending the limits of vision to benefit cutting-edge research applications:

·A wealth of illustrated observation examples from leading research facilities
·Learn new observation types that can be applied to your own research
·Read about the advantages of the latest Digital Microscope Technology for observation applications

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