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Newsletter 2017

October 30, 2017

Subject :

Secrets of Cost & Time Reduction

Key Points for Lowering Costs
Learn cost-saving techniques from the automotive industry:
·How our customers use machine vision to lower costs
·Read the key points in this must-see guide
Easier and More Accurate Step Measurements
How do you perform step measurements without contact or errors caused by the tilt of the target? Get help with:
·Contact Sensors
·1D Laser Displacement Sensors
·Measurement Microscopes
Automating Visual Checks in the Automotive and Metal Industries
Learn how many different visual checks can be easily and inexpensively automated:
·Part presence detection
·Orientation judgment
·Operation checking
Making Traceability Easy
Quickly master the practical details behind the introduction of traceability using laser markers:
·Marking Codes
·Reading Laser Marked Codes
·Managing Data
Eight Advantages of Switching from Optical to Digital Microscopes
What advantages do digital microscopes bring to inspection and development? Find out with our handy technical guide:
·Learn about the latest digital microscope technology
·See magnified observation examples
·Easily visualize potential improvements across your processes
Incredibly Stable All-Purpose Laser Sensors
The versatile LR-T series laser sensor's Time of Flight (TOF) detection method provides stable detection unaffected by the surface conditions of the workpiece. Combined with flexible mounting and simplified set up make the LR-T multi-purpose sensor useful across a wide range of applications.
Introducing Barcode Readers in the Automotive Industry
Explore new Auto ID and traceability possibilities with our compendium of application examples:
·Improve workability
·Improve quality
·Reduce costs
How Did They Reduce Their Dimensional Measurement Time?
What are the secrets to reducing measurement time and improving accuracy? Learn these secrets from 20 examples with the IM Series image dimension measurement system.

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