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          Newsletter 2017

          November 06, 2017

          Subject :

          New Technology, New Techniques for Engineers

          Inspection Techniques for Product Development & Defect Analysis
          Read the latest edition of our popular guide on Digital Microscopy:
          ·30 illustrated pages of the latest digital observation methods
          ·Explanations of useful analysis techniques
          ·New technical topics including the optical mechanism of lenses and lighting optimisation
          Improve Output with Our Beginner's Guide to Sensors
          Choose the perfect sensing device for your application and optimise efficiency using our Beginner's Guide to Sensors:
          ·Master the basic principles of different sensor types
          ·Understand the typical applications of each technology
          ·Select the best automation technology to increase your productivity
          Laser Marking Technology Update
          Catch up on the latest developments in Laser Marking Technology with our latest technical guide. Learn about:
          ·The basics of oscillation principles
          ·The differences in oscillation methods
          ·The characteristics of different wavelengths
          Automated Shadowgraph That Requires No Training
          Automate your inspection with new technology that requires no operator training - the IM-7000 Measurement Device:
          ·Check up to 99 dimensions at the press of one button
          ·Eliminate subjectivity - repeatable results unaffected by operator training or experience
          ·Built-in data management - automatically generate graphs and reports from your measurement data
          Eliminating Static the Easy Way
          KEYENCE Static Eliminators come in a range of shapes and sizes for every application. Download our catalogue and:
          ·Browse the full range of devices available
          ·Understand the strengths and weaknesses of different technology types
          ·Choose the perfect device for your requirements
          Expert Tips for Automating your Visual Inspections
          Read our selection of expert tricks for creating stable in-line detections using vision systems. Learn how:
          ·To remove glare from your images
          ·To detect a specific wavelength range
          ·To emphasise contrast differences using different illumination colours
          Laser and Camera Type 1D/2D Readers
          Learn about our latest Auto ID and Code Reading products, and how they can help improve your productivity:
          ·Both fixed and hand-held models
          ·Latest part and product management examples
          ·Camera technology enables stable reading across different code orientation and quality
          [NEW] Safety Laser Scanner with Built-in Camera and LCD Display
          Improve site safety with the new SZ-V Safety Laser Scanner, incorporating a range of improved features:
          ·Integrated camera for image and video capture
          ·Detachable in-built LCD screen for remote monitoring of protected zone
          ·Images and video of trigger causes enable easy troubleshooting

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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