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Newsletter 2017

November 20, 2017

Subject :

Process Improvement guides for Engineers

Advantages of Laser Marking on Metal
·What are the advantages of laser markers for marking metal?
·This guide illustrates the compatibilities between different types of metals and laser settings
·Also learn the various functions available from laser markers
Help Justifiying a Large Capital Expenditure Request
·Justifying large expenditures on new equipment is a tough process
·We've prepared a compilation of testimonials from existing customers on what helped make the decision easier
Deciding Factors on Upgrading Image Dimension Measurement Systems
·Read from our customers why they switched from shadowgraphs and measuring microscopes to the IM Series, instant measurement system
·Click here to find out the results they have achieved since adopting the IM
What Are the Advantages of Profilometers?
·Profilometers are used in profile measurements and appearance inspections including roughness
·What are the principles behind profilometers?
·How do they differ from other measuring instruments?
·This handy guide explains profilometers for both new and experienced users
Digital Fiberoptic Sensor Training Guide
·Get the most out from your fiber sensors with this easy-to-read guide including sensor calibration and tips
Guide to Improving Traceability for Automotive Parts
·Traceability is an important process for the automotive industry
·These articles offer help implementing traceability solutions, including how to trace products using KEYENCE code readers and laser markers
Dealing with Static build-up
This guide explains how static electricity is generated, the causes of static charging and the products available to solve the problem.
Kaizen Examples for Visibility Applications
·Kaizen examples of successful visibility applications using vision systems
·Learn from these before and after examples to see how introducing a vision system might benefit your own processes

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