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Newsletter 2017

December 19, 2017

Subject :

[Special Issue] New Product Releases 2017

[NEW!] Image Dimension Measurement System IM-7000
The latest evolution of the KEYENCE IM Series enables new inspections on a wider range of parts:
·Larger 200 x 200mm stage
·4x the measurement volume of previous generations of the IM Series
·New Light Probe for measurement of internal features
[NEW!] Digital Microscope VHX-6000
KEYENCE's new and improved digital microscope, the VHX-6000:
·Instantly optimise lighting settings at the push of a button
·Retrospectively adjust lighting settings from saved images
·Improved 3D magnified observation and measurement
[New Product] All-in-One, Eight-Colour Illumination
Completely new Eight-Colour Illumination and Inspection Algorithms allow new inspection options:
·Detect even the slightest variations in colour
·Eliminate halation on reflective targets
·Rapidly identify the optimal lighting for your application
[New Product] The SR-2000 Code Reader
All of our code-reading know-how and advanced technology for more options over conventional devices:
·Twice the field of view
·Twice the depth of field
·Twice the reading distance
[New Product] Do-It-All Detection Sensor
Discover how the new LR-ZH all-purpose laser sensor can help your processes:
·Detects based on both distance and intensity
·Stable detection across dark, metal and even transparent targets
·Detect targets stably over 19" (500mm) away

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