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Newsletter 2018

January 29, 2018

Subject :

Instantly Perform 2D and Height Measurements

2D and Height Measurements in Seconds
·Up to 99 2D Measurements at the push of a button
·Touch Probe attachment for step height
·Light Probe attachment for measuring hard to detect edges
·Same results, every time, regardless of operator experience
Why you should consider Non-Contact Measurement
·Non-destructive measurement on all parts
·Drastically reduced inspection cycle time
·The ability to perform 100% inspection & eliminate operator error
Laser Marking Terminology
Lasers are an invaluable tool across a variety of applications. This guide explains all the terminology when introducing a laser marker to your process.
QCD Improvement Strategy Case Studies
Take inspiration from other industries with our compilation of QCD (Quality Cost Delivery) Strategies:
KAIZEN with Code Readers
Learn how the SR Series Code Reader can help you save time and costs, with features such as:
·Automatic Polarisation
·Code Quality Verification
The Do-It-All Laser Sensor
The versatile, dust and water resistant LR-ZH Laser Sensor is suited to a wide range of detection applications:
·Both distance and intensity-based
·Stable detection from over 500mm away
·Detection of dark, reflective and even transparent targets
Machine Vision: Engineer's Know-how Vol. 5
Our in-house engineers share more of their expert know-how on Machine Vision challenges, including:
·How to eliminate small amounts of noise or emphasise small changes
·How to perform inspections that are not influenced by the background
Eliminating Static Electricity
Static electricity cannot be detected or observed with the naked eye, so having the right tool to deal with static is important. This guide explains:
·What static electricity is
·What causes static electricity
·The best tools for managing static electricity for different circumstances

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