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Newsletter 2018

February 05, 2018

Subject :

Removing Production & Inspection Bottlenecks

Defect Analysis for Soldering, Screws, Moulded Resin & Connectors
Learn more about improving your magnified observations on your components, including:
·The key characteristics of each component
·Typical flaws that can accumulate in production
·Best practice microscopy for defect analysis
Increase Dimensional Measurement Efficiency
Remove the bottlenecks in your production processes with the IM Series Image Dimension Measurement System:
·Intuitive interface for rapid programming
·Simple one-button operation for measurement
·Accurate results, regardless of operator - no training required!
Why People Choose KEYENCE Optical Micrometers
Learn the advantages of our High Speed 2D Optical Micrometer, the TM-3000, for your in-process inspections:
·Measure up to 16 measurement points simultaneously
·Measure up to ±0.5 µm accuracy
·Improve production efficiency through automation of measurement
Laser Marking Techniques for Plastic and Resin
Discover top tips and techniques for laser marking on plastics and resin from our in-house experts, including:
·Contrast marking
·Mechanisms of resin colour development
·Laser light absorption rates for different materials
Choosing your Ideal Static Elimination Device
Browse our full range of static eliminators and find the best device for your application and environment:
·Bar type: high speed for clean environment
·Blower type: for multiple areas and long distance
·Spot type: pin-point elimination and high-pressure air purging
Training Course | An Introduction to Machine Vision
Master the basics of Machine Vision and Image Processing under the guidance of our inspection experts, including:
·Camera & Lens Selection
·Illumination Selection & Settings
·Detection Judgments
Easy and Stable Reading of Tiny Codes
Easily achieve stable reading of ever-smaller codes with the SR-2000 from KEYENCE:
·Built-in auto-focus function
·Eliminate the need for complex manual focus
·No need for aperture adjustments
A New Standard in Safety Laser Scanners
The SZ-V Laser Safety Scanner sets a new standard for the industry with a host of value-added features:
·Detachable Display Unit for remote operation
·Built-in Cameras for real-time video monitoring of detection area status

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