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          Newsletter 2018

          February 13, 2018

          Subject :

          Save Time on Inspection through Automation

          Instant Particle Count and Contamination Analysis
          Are you manually performing counts or analysis on foreign particles or contaminants?
          ·Learn how to automate accurate particle counts through digital microscopy
          ·Rapidly perform area and dimensional measurements
          ·Intuitive report generation functions for display of analysis results
          Measuring Part Dimensions to Micron Accuracy
          New technology from KEYENCE makes it possible to measure up to 99 dimensional measurements in seconds:
          ·Take measurements not possible with conventional measuring microscopes or shadowgraphs
          ·Obtain the same quick, accurate results regardless of user training or experience
          [NEW] A New Standard in Safety Laser Scanners
          The SZ-V Safety Scanner offers productivity and safety in one device with a host of value-added features:
          ·Built-in cameras for real-time video monitoring and detection area status
          ·Detachable display unit for remote operation
          ·PROFINET/PROFIsafe Support
          High-speed 21 Megapixel Vision System
          21 megapixel image processing makes wide-field inspections possible:
          ·Inspect defects over an enlarged target area
          ·Twice the accuracy of a 5 megapixel camera
          ·Enable high accuracy applications, such as detection of minute pixel defects on an LCD screen
          High-speed Code Readers Anyone Can Use
          The Function Button on the SR-G Code Reader enables any user to easily read codes at the push of a button:
          ·Automatically obtain the optimal settings for your marking conditions
          ·Tuning possible without the need for a PC
          ·High-speed, stable reading for improved efficiency
          Five Advantages of Non-Contact Measurement
          Discover the benefits of non-contact measurement over conventional hand calipers and micrometers, including:
          ·100% inspection and eliminated operator error
          ·Reduced inspection cycle time
          ·Non-destructive measurement and consistent measurement results of soft workpieces
          High-accuracy Contact Sensor with Flexible Connectivity
          Achieve accuracy down to 1 μm with the durable GT2 Digital Contact Sensor that is capable of operating in various harsh environments due to its rugged construction and supports a wide range of PC and PLC communication forms.
          Laser Marker Case Study: Combined Marking and Image Capture
          Work that was conventionally performed with separate devices, such as part marking, character inspection and code reading, can now be completed with a single system. KEYENCE's laser markers include a multi-function built-in camera enabling both marking and imaging processes to be done in the same time.

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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