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Newsletter 2018

February 26, 2018

Subject :

Improve Your Automation Processes On-site

Laser Scanner for Improved Step-Height Measurements
When tilted parts cause issues with non-contact step or height measurements,
the LJ-V Series Laser Scanner:
·Utilises the Slant Adjustment function to prevent errors caused by target misalignments
·Eliminates the risk of scratching targets like glass
·Reduces inspection time thanks to high-speed sampling
Learn About Traceability
Learn about how your production line can benefit from traceability systems including laser markers, code readers and peripheral equipment helping to create a better network.
Eight Advantages of Upgrading to Digital Microscopes
What advantages do digital microscopes bring to inspection and development? This guide compares them against standard optical microscopes.
Vision System Techniques for In-line Applications
This useful guide provides expert advice for stabilising detection:
·Polarising filter to remove diffuse reflections (glare)
·Special filters for certain wavelength ranges
·Colour filter to emphasise contrast differences
Detect Any Change in Appearance with Full-spectrum Sensor
The versatile LR-W Series Sensor solves the widest range of applications of any KEYENCE sensor:
·Presence and Absence
·Product differentiation and colour verification
·Registration marks
Dimension Inspection as a Sales Tool for New Customer Development
The IM Series Image Dimension Measurement System, makes 100% inspection incredibly fast and easy. This allows you to easily provide value-add propositions for new customers with full, reliable reports on your products. Learn more here.
Contact Sensor with Flexible Mounting Options
Offering a wide variety of head types combined with a selection of mounting brackets, the GT Series Contact Sensor enables multi-point measurement from any and all directions.
Read Codes at Any Height, Orientation and Speed
The SR Series Code Reader enables accurate code reading at a high speed, across varying target positions and reading distances. The fully automatic setup ensures ease of operation for any user.

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