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          Newsletter 2018

          March 12, 2018

          Subject :

          Automation & Inspection Guides for Engineers

          Advantages of Laser Marking on Metal
          What are the advantages of laser marking on metal?
          ·High-quality, permanent, non-contact marking
          ·Capability to mark 1D and 2D barcodes and instantly check them
          ·Minimal damage to the surface
          Help Justifying a Large Capital Expenditure Request
          Justifying large expenditures on new equipment is a tough process. We have prepared a compilation of testimonials from existing customers on what helped make the decision easier and how efficiency was improved.
          Kaizen Guide for Vision Applications
          This engineering guide contains before and after application examples to see how introducing a vision system might benefit your own processes:
          ·Supports both high-speed production lines and complicated inspections
          ·Stores inspection and image data
          ·Helps determine root causes of quality issues
          Engineering Guide on Profile Measurement System
          This comprehensive guide introduces profile measurement systems including:
          ·Measurement principles behind profilemeters
          ·Variety of solved applications such as height, width, position, intersection and 3D profile
          ·Differences between profilometers and other measuring instruments
          Reasons to Switch from Shadowgraphs and Calipers to the IM Series
          Read our customer reviews about why they switched from shadowgraphs and measuring microscopes to the IM Series Image Dimension Measurement System:
          ·Reduce inspection time to seconds by eliminating the need for part positioning, focusing and alignment
          ·Produce customised inspection reports instantly
          ·Simple 'Place & Press' operation anyone can perform
          Tips and Troubleshooting Guide for Digital Fibre Optic Sensors
          Get the most out of your fibre sensors with this detailed guide on sensor calibration and tips:
          ·Two-point calibration
          ·Positioning calibration
          ·Tips for using thrubeam models
          Guide to Improving Traceability for Automotive Parts
          Improve productivity with the help of traceability systems for the automotive and part supplier industry:
          ·1D and 2D code marking on various materials
          ·Code reader range for marking quality verification and production management
          Managing Static Build-up
          This guide explains how static electricity is generated, the causes of static charging and the products available to solve the problem.

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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