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          Newsletter 2018

          March 19, 2018

          Subject :

          New Fibreoptic Sensor & Automation Products

          [New Product] Fibreoptic Sensor with Improved Reliability
          Perform detections with improved reliability in any situation with the latest KEYENCE Fibreoptic Sensor:
          ·TERA power: new LED module with power levels 1650 times higher than conventional models
          ·Built-in organic OLED display: easily performed operation without the need of instruction manual
          ·Fibre unit: no need to view the amplifier to check operation just the fibre unit
          A Vision Sensor That Stabilises Previously Unstable Detections
          Is it enough to perform conventional visual inspections, inspections using multiple sensors, and then image processing? The IV Series makes it possible to eliminate any unstable elements.
          Introducing an Ultra-large, Wide-stage Instant Measurement System
          With a stage six times larger than that of conventional products, it is possible to measure large products that were previously unmeasurable. Batch measurements are also possible by loading multiple measurement objects of the same shape onto the large stage.
          Revolutionary Colour Inspection Algorithm
          Using a high-speed monochrome camera in combination with 8-wavelength lighting provides vastly superior capabilities than conventional RGB cameras, allowing users to detect minor differences in:
          ·Colour and shape
          ·Type of target
          Improving Your Bottom Line with Digital Microscopy
          The VHX Digital Microscope has been a versatile solution for a variety of applications and analysis, decreasing production and operating costs in the:
          ·Automotive Industry
          ·Electronics Industry
          ·Pharmaceutical Industry
          ·Chemical Industry
          Combined Marking and Code Verification in One
          Work that was conventionally performed with separate devices, such as part marking, character inspection and code reading, can now be completed with a single system. KEYENCE's laser markers include a multi-function built-in camera enabling both marking and imaging processes to be done in the same time.
          Traceability: Marking and Reading Codes
          The key to a successful traceability system is determining specifications that consider both the marking and reading of codes. KEYENCE can provide comprehensive recommendations for both processes.
          Quick and Accurate Thickness Measurement Results
          Have you ever encountered problems with measurement using hand calipers and micrometers? Advantages of performing non-contact thickness measurements include:
          ·Reduced takt time
          ·Highly accurate measurements of soft targets
          ·Eliminating operator error

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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