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          Newsletter 2018

          April 09, 2018

          Subject :

          Laser Marking, Laser Measurement & Inspection

          An Introductory Guide to Laser Marking
          What is laser marking? Master the fundamentals of laser technology with our simple beginner's guide:
          ·Oscillation Principles
          ·Differences between Oscillation Methods
          ·Characteristics of Different Wavelengths
          Case Study: Boosting Productivity by Reducing Inspection Times
          Learn how investment in the right inspection equipment can help to remove bottlenecks and boost productivity:
          ·Measure 99 Dimensions at the Push of a Button
          ·Automate Data Capture and Inspection Reports
          ·Minimise Training Costs
          Tricks for Using Laser Displacement Sensors for High Accuracy Measurement
          When it comes to high accuracy measurements, customers often have problems with fluctuating measurement values and incorrectly-taken measurements. Learn how our laser displacement sensors help to eliminate these issues with excellent linearity and scanning resolution specifications.
          Magnified Observation & Analysis for Resin and Film
          Learn the latest observation & analysis techniques for film and resin applications using digital microscopes:
          ·Detect visible defects such as foreign particles and scratches
          ·Inspect injection moulding defects such as burrs and sink marks
          ·Perform numeric analysis and measurements
          Technical Guide to Image Processing: Colour Extraction
          In this edition of our Image Processing guide, we offer a detailed explanation on performing reliable inspections using colour extraction. Illustrated techniques include:
          ·Colour to binary conversion
          ·Greyscale vs RGB greyscale
          ·'Colour to grey' and 'fine colour' processing
          New, Ultra-compact Sensor for a Variety of Applications
          The new FS digital fibre optic sensor enables greatly reduced wiring by a multi-output unit, the ultra compact sensor head contains over 200 fibre units and OLED display provides easy-to-see information without the need for an instruction manual.
          Dealing with Static and the Adhesion of Foreign Particles
          The adhesion of dust and foreign particles due to static is a problem at many manufacturing sites. This technical guide explains:
          ·The causes of static cling
          ·Countermeasures against dust clinging to objects
          ·Our static eliminator product line up

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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