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          Newsletter 2018

          April 16, 2018

          Subject :

          Traceability & Industry 4.0

          Industry 4.0: Code Reading Applications Grouped by Industry
          This guide provides essential information on how KEYENCE code readers can help implement traceability and achieve Industry 4.0 readiness, in the:
          ·Automotive and automotive parts industry
          ·Electrical and electronic device industry
          ·Food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry
          The Importance of On-site Traceability
          In recent years, when a product recall is in the news, being able to trace the faulty part back through the production process is a major factor in solving the problem and preventing it re-occurring. This insightful guide contains information about traceability types and solutions.
          Introducing an Ultra-large, Wide-stage Instant Measurement System
          With a stage six times larger than that of conventional products, it is possible to measure large components that were previously unmeasurable. Batch measurements are also possible by loading multiple measurement objects of the same shape onto the expanded stage.
          Improved Observation & Analysis with Digital Microscopy
          Learn about the latest analysis-enhancing developments and applications of digital microscopy:
          ·Imaging technologies and zoom lens types
          ·Observation features and high dynamic range colour functions
          ·Illumination methods and techniques including coaxial, diffuse and adjustable angle lighting
          10 Minute Image Processing Guide: Lighting
          This quick guide summarizes lens types and lighting techniques for visual inspections. Topics include:
          ·Diffuse and specular reflection
          ·Example applications of diffuse reflection using ring lights, bar lights and dome lights
          ·OCR mechanisms and example applications
          Advanced Safety Light Curtains
          The GL-R Safety Light Curtain is easily installed and maintained. Advanced features include:
          ·Programmable muting
          ·Auxiliary outputs
          ·Built-in alignment indicators
          5 Reasons to Switch to Non-contact Measurement Systems
          Why are so many people switching from conventional hand calipers to non-contact measurement systems?
          ·Reduced Inspection and improved efficiency
          ·Non-destructive measurement
          ·Eliminated operator error
          Contact Sensor with Outstanding Durability even after 200 Million Measurements
          The use of linear ball bearings and an all stainless steel construction make this sensor lightweight, providing an exceptionally long service life. Added benefits include:
          ·Measurement accuracy down to 1 μm
          ·Rugged construction ensures sensor is dustproof, watertight and oil-resistant
          ·Advanced connectivity to a wide variety of devices

          Technical E-news

          Learn the latest in sensors, vision systems, measuring instruments, laser markers and microscopes.

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