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Newsletter 2018

April 23, 2018

Subject :

Secret Techniques to Streamlining Production

Case Study: Reducing Inspection Time with Instant Metrology
This case study introduces various scenarios in which the KEYENCE IM Series Measurement System can improve productivity:
·In-process inspection: early detection of problems during production
·Testing in laboratory: instantaneous report generation up to national traceability standards
·Pre-shipment inspection: accelerate short lead-time orders
Real-life Inspections Solved by Digital Microscopy
The VHX Digital Microscope is capable of performing non-destructive inspection, deep location observation and precise dimensional measurements aiding a wide variety of applications:
·Inspection of large steel sheets on the production line
·Particle analysis for the chemical industry
·Observation of surface profiles of an assembled part of a finished car
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Profilometers
Learn more about profilometers and their usefulness across a range of measurement and appearance inspections:
·What is a profile measurement system?
·What measurements can you perform with profilometers?
·What advantages can KEYENCE offer over conventional systems?
Laser Marking: Everything you need to Know
Laser markers can be an invaluable tool across a variety of applications, but until you know their full range of capabilities it's easy to overlook them. Learn the basics all the way through to complex terminology with our free guide.
Vision Systems - A Beginner's Guide (Vol. 1)
This beginner's guide on KEYENCE's Vision Systems-from purchasing and installation to operation and key points-with the following sections.
·Is a high pixel count necessary?
·Colour cameras vs monochrome?
·When do I need a high-speed camera vs standard speed?
·What size camera would suit best?
Improve Traceability of Automotive Parts
Traceability is a particularly important process for the automotive industry. Learn more about:
·Advantages of implementing traceability systems including improved quality
·Marking and code reading application examples
·Advantages of having a single manufacturer for tracking and traceability devices
Contacts Sensors Suitable for Harsh Environments
The GT2 Series is a highly durable, oil-resistant and watertight contact sensor with high accuracy down to 0.1 μm. Suitable for use in even harsh environments, it also supports a variety of communication protocols making integration quick and simple.
Accurate Detection of Black and Metal Workpieces
The durable LR-Z Series combines a CMOS image sensor with a laser light source enabling detection of targets regardless of their colour, surface finish or angle. The stainless steel body provides long service life and the large indicator with digital display ensures ease of use.

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