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Newsletter 2018

May 08, 2018

Subject :

Have You Seen the Latest Automation Technology?

World First Eight-Colour Illumination Vision System
The brand new Eight-Colour Illumination Vision System with upgraded Inspection Algorithms provides KEYENCE vision users with outstanding control over any inspection:
·Detect even the slightest variation in colour
·Eliminate halation on reflective targets
·Rapidly identify the optimal lighting for your application
Utilising Digital Microscopes According to Industries
KEYENCE digital microscopes have been successfully solving applications across a variety of sectors, delivering reductions in analysis time and operating costs:
·Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industry
·Automotive Industry
·Electronic Industry
Reduce Measurement Time on 19 Various Precision Parts
Have you ever wanted to measure the dimensions of complex products more efficiently? This guide introduces tips on reducing measurement time on various precision parts including:
·Gears and springs
·Screws and motor cores
·Clips and connector terminals
What are the 5 Advantages of Non-contact Measurement Systems?
Read some of the reasons why more engineers are making the switch to non-contact types of measurement, including:
·Reduced inspection cycle time
·Eliminated operator error
·Non-destructive measurement on all targets
Robust Safety Light Curtain with Easy Set Up
The GL-R Safety Light Curtain can be swiftly installed, easily maintained and with its rugged metal housing, is designed to increase service life and minimise downtime:
·IP65/IP67 Enclosure Rating
·Built-in Controller with Simplified Wiring and Set Up
·Built-in LED Alignment Assistance
Reach the Full Potential of Laser Markers in the Automotive Industry
This guide helps you to uncover the full potential of laser markers and showcases how the technology can help to improve your processes:
·Comprehensive data management for the whole traceability system
·Prevention of improper marking and product recalls
·Quality control management for 2D code marking
All You Need to Know about Code Verification
This easy-to-understand guide discusses some practical code verification topics and trends that can be beneficial to your next application:
·Types of code verification standards (ISO 15416, ISO/IEC TR 29158)
·Code verification methods
·Recommended products for 2D code verification
What Type of Static Eliminator Fits your Application?
Browse our full range of static elimination devices and discover the optimum solution for your application. Choose from a range of systems, including:
·Bar Type
·Blower Type
·Spot Type

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